About Us
What We Are

We offer reliable commute services with the latest tracking solution, risk-free onboarding system and verifying pilot rides in a jiffy using the best technology. It will be the most affordable and best bike taxis service in India.

We have established “Mopedo” with a strong objective to render affordable and easily accessible transport, food delivery and logistics services to every individual in rural and urban areas across south India. We present ourselves as one of India’s innovative bike taxi start-ups for integrating advanced Artificial Intelligence technology to our bikes in order to enhance the quality of service and security.

Mr.Dhanush Reddy Kalli

C.E.O & Founder

What makes us stand Unique?

Artificial Intelligence has been developing with a rapid pace in providing pioneered opportunities and enhancing the performance in every emerging sector. Apart from the current applications of AI in taxi business, the leading-edge development of an AI-based system has got the whole on-demand taxi industry buzzing.